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Nottingham University Interview Questions

About Nottingham Medical School

Nottingham Medical School has over 50 years of training world class doctors and offers students from all backgrounds many opportunities to enter the world of medicine.

The school isn’t just based in Nottingham; campuses in both Lincoln and Derby adds the possibility of experiencing two cities all whilst studying at the same university!

They aim to combine modern developments in learning, such as early patient contact, with traditional teaching methods e.g. anatomy sessions.



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What to expect after the interview?


Interview tips

  • Be yourself! The interviews are not designed to catch you out or test your academic knowledge.

  • Read up on the website about what to expect from the interview and think about what qualities you want to try and portray to the interviewer during your interview.

  • Read up on the pillars of medicine and basic medical ethics as well as being familiar with the GMC's Outcome for Graduates.

  • Make sure you are strong on ethical scenarios and your motivation to study medicine answers.

  • Practise with friends and family to make sure you are confident and secure in your answers.

  • Nottingham places a huge emphasis on work experience. Not all candidates could obtain experience in a clinical setting; the University is more concerned about what the candidate has learnt from whatever role(s) they have undergone.

  • A useful resource to consult when preparing for interviews is BMA Ethics. The resource succinctly covers ethical principles which will be useful for any interview, regardless of interview.

  • The first station also has an additional three minutes to let you answer a couple of ice-breaker questions. This is a great opportunity to really get into the flow of things and start your interview positively.


Example interview questions


  • Why medicine?

  • Why have you chosen Nottingham?

  • What can you bring to the university?

  • Why not chose another career path?

  • What is it specifically that really makes you want to do medicine?

  • What about the medicine course at Nottingham appeals to you?

Medical ethics

  • A scenario around a situation on placement that raises numerous ethical issues. Questions are then asked about identifying these ethical issues and what would the candidate do next?

  • During an A-level examination, you saw your friend cheating. What would you do after the exam? What if he tells you that he is did this because he wants to meet his grades in order to get into medicine? What would happen to the relationship between you and your friend as a result?

  • Discuss the ethics around your patient refusing further treatment.

Values and skills

  • What makes you think you'll be a good doctor?

  • How do you relax/deal with stress?

  • Define 'friend'