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Personal Statement Review Service

In an increasingly competitive application process with all applicants having similar grades and extra-curricular interests, writing an excellent UCAS personal statement is essential to stand out from the crowd. 

Personalised support

You will get a unique line by line analysis of your personal statement to provide you with specific and relevant feedback.

top uk Medical students

Our reviews are carried out by highly-trained medical students at the UK's top medical schools who have succeeded in the medical application process.

within 2 working days

Quick and efficient service. Within 2 working days of receiving your personal statement, it will be reviewed and sent back to you.

quantitative mark schemes

We will utilise our own quantitative scoring sheet and mark scheme to review the content, structure and quality of writing. 

  • The team's knowledge and experience of UK medical schools will mean that we will give feedback tailored to the selection criteria of the universities that you are applying to.

  • We will ensure that your experiences, skills and achievements are fully exemplified to maximum effect within minimal words. 

  • We offer various forms of reviews depending upon your needs.

One of our core values is that your household income should never affect the education available to you. As such we offer a very generous bursary scheme and even scholarships. If you come from a low income household, check out our bursaries page for more information.

To get your personal statement reviewed, please fill out the order form and we'll be in touch.

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** Last updated 9th October 2019 **