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Lincoln University Medicine Interview Questions (2023 entry)

About Lincoln Medical School (2023 Edition)

The new Lincoln Medical School offers the best of both worlds.

It's partnership with the University of Nottingham means that the course is identical to that in Nottingham with the security of a tried and tested, robust curriculum whilst studying in the beautiful city of Lincoln with state-of-the-art modern facilities and campus of the University of Lincoln.

Clinical placements commence from the first semester and the small cohort size enables a really strong community feel.

University of Lincoln Interview Information

🔍How does Lincoln University select candidates for interviews?

GCSEs/ A-levels: Your academic achievements account for 20% of the total score.You must meet the minimum entry requirements. The highest 8 grades will be scored by a point system, 4 points for grade 9/A* and so forth. There are a total of 32 points available. Those with the higher scores then get invited to interview. A-level grades only need to meet minimum requirements, they are not taken into consideration for interview.

Personal statement: Lincoln doesn't use your personal statement when selecting applicants for interview. After interviews personal statements are reviewed after interviews before offers are made to ensure they meet necessary standards.

UCAT: Applicants are required to sit the UCAT. This is the biggest factor taken into considerations when inviting to interview. Your UCAT score is converted to points out of 12, with 800-900 scoring 12. Applicants who score a band 4 in the situational judgement test will not be considered for interview.

Exceptions: If you have achieved the minimum entry requirements and completed a summer school programme, you will get an offer to interview regardless of UCAT as score.

🧬What is the interview format?

Lincoln university uses MMI style interviews. These will be conducted online. There are 6 stations lasting 5 minutes each with 2 of them involving role play. One specifically involves teaching the interviewer about something of chosen interest.

📆 When will you get interview invitations?

Usually, interview invitations are sent out on behalf of the University of Lincoln between December and February of the application cycle.

👩‍💼 When are the interviews usually held?

Interviews usually take place between December 2022 and March 2023.

📝 What are the main topics I will be asked at the interview?

  • Understanding of professional issues

  • Teamwork:

  • Contribution to medicine:

  • Communication skills + Role-play:

  • Medical ‘hot topics'

☑️ How will my interview be marked?

The examiners are mostly friendly however, some examiners might have a blank neutral face and might act indifferent and cold. They do this not because your answers are wrong but to put you under a stress test while you are answering to see if you crack under pressure. Most of the Nottingham medicine stations had fixed follow up questions but they were not disclosed during the reading time or in the instructions. So you can expect them all to be surprise questions even though they are fixed and not based on what you say in your previous answer.

The interview is designed to assess the personal qualities usually considered important for the practice of medicine. You'll be expected to have:

  • good communication and listening skills,

  • an understanding of professional issues such as teamwork

  • respect for patients and the contribution of those working in professions allied to medicine.

🏠How many applicants are there per interview? (Home)

Home students: 182 students applied and 118 have been interviewed.65% of UK applicants were offered an interview.

🌎How many applicants are there per interview? (International)

International students: 13 international students and 5 have received an interview invitation less than38% were offered an interview.

✨How likely is it that I will be given an offer after an interview?

Home: Out of 118 applicants who received and interview, 103 received an offer. This is a high chance, 87% , of getting an interview!

International: There are only 4 offers available for international student, last year there was a 60% chance of offer.

  • Be yourself! The interviews are not designed to catch you out or test your academic knowledge.

  • Read up on the website about what to expect from the interview and think about what qualities you want to try and portray to the interviewer during your interview.

  • Read up on the pillars of medicine and basic medical ethics as well as being familiar with the GMC's Outcome for Graduates.

  • Make sure you are strong on ethical scenarios and your motivation to study medicine answers.

  • Practise with friends and family to make sure you are confident and secure in your answers.

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Example interview questions

🔥Motivation Interview Questions

  • Why have you chosen Lincoln?

  • What can you bring to the university?

  • Why not chose another career path?

  • Medicine can be emotionally demanding, how would you remain detached?

  • What is it specifically that really makes you want to do medicine?

  • How will you manage your time i.e. work/life balance?

  • What about the medicine course at Lincoln appeals to you?

🤯Values and Skills Interview Questions

  • What makes you think you'll be a good doctor?

  • How do you relax/deal with stress?

  • Define 'friend'

  • What are your interests/hobbies?

  • How would your friends describe you?

📰NHS Interview Questions

  • Similar to medical ethics, often a station involving a scenario and questions are asked about why this might happen in the NHS today.

  • Medically related current affairs e.g. 7-day NHS, NHS and Brexit

  • Why have you applied to medicine despite all the negativity towards the NHS in the news?

🧐Problem Solving Interview Questions

  • A practical station following instructions whilst being asked questions

🎭Roleplay Interview Questions

  • Usually 2/8 MMI stations are role play when they were face to face.

🏥Work Experience Interview Questions

  • Tell me about your work experience and what you learned from it - fyi work experience is no longer a requirement for admissions due to COVID.

❤️ Medical Ethics Interview Questions

  • A scenario around a situation on placement that raises numerous ethical issues. Questions are then asked about identifying these ethical issues and what would the candidate do next?

  • During an A-level examination, you saw your friend cheating. What would you do after the exam? What if he tells you that he is did this because he wants to meet his grades in order to get into medicine? What would happen to the relationship between you and your friend as a result

  • Discuss the ethics around your patient refusing further treatment.

The Lincoln Medical School offers anatomy teaching by prosection as well as models and imaging. The curriculum uses a case-based learning approach by focussing the teaching on a different theme each week. The case is then concluded in a plenary session led by an external clinician that specialises in the topic area. Clinical placements are offered very early in the first year and are staggered regularly in the early years. A unique perk is the BMedSci that it is integrated into the 5-year course and allows you to explore a topic within medical science.

Lincoln is a relatively small city that boasts a lot of history and unique qwerks. Campus and accommodation are all located within walking distance of each other and the rest of the city of Lincoln. Campus is situated around the beautiful Brayford Pool which boasts countless wildlife and scenic views whilst remaining well connected to the rest of the city and the wider cities via public transport. The University of Lincoln Students' Union has over 180 societies/teams to join and being a medical student of both the Universities of Nottingham and Lincoln, means that you can join societies and teams in Nottingham too. Notable societies include: MedSoc, SCRUBS, and Street Doctors.

The medical school is located at the heart of campus so it is integrated into campus life. There is ample accommodation blocks to choose from and none are medical student-specific so, living with non-medics is a great way to 'break the medic bubble' and get to know other people who have different interests and career goals. The medical society puts on numerous events for medical students including socials, fundraising events, and extra-curricular talks. Being part of societies at two universities allows you to form large numbers of friendship bubbles whilst being living in a student city means that there is plenty of things to do with your pals.

The MedSoc is relatively new, just like the Lincoln Medical School, so it is in the process of determining peoples' interests and setting up lots of societies to accommodate these interests. They have launched a really successful medic family scheme which partners up first year students to second year students to help them settle in to university life and have someone to talk to and seek advice when required. The MedSoc is a great way to voice student opinions and implemented changes that help the school go from strength to strength.

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