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Birmingham University Interview Questions

About Birmingham Medical School

Birmingham Medical School has a well-integrated course that combines traditional methods of content delivery (full cohort lectures) with clinical applications (GP placements) from the first year.

It caters towards different learning styles by offering small group teaching sessions, as well as independent learning opportunities.

Staff members are very approachable. There are plenty of additional resources readily available to students who may require them.



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Interview tips

  • You will need to handle data in the Birmingham medicine interview, and so an important aspect of your preparation should include practising questions as, according to the website, you will need to undertake ‘very simple calculations in your head.

  • Discuss and debate the latest issues in the news with friends and family as this is the perfect way of being able to improve your communication skills for any station.

  • Focus particularly on role play, medical ethics, and motivation. - Read over personal statements and prepare to expand on any aspect.

  • Read GMC’s guidelines for good medical practice.

  • Dress code is business formal.


Example interview questions

For 2022 entry

Personal and ethical challenges station

  • You will be provided with a scenario relating to potential challenges faced by students and/or doctors. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the personal qualities important for coping in a demanding career and also provide an assessment of your own capabilities in dealing with challenges.

  • You may be asked to explain some of the issues underlying healthcare challenges and also to address your own qualities that relate to dealing with challenges. They will be interested in your reflections and what insights you gained from your experiences, especially from observation of healthcare professionals either in their place of work, or virtually, through online work experience platforms (such as Observe GP). Please note that this does not have to be doctors, nor does it have to be face-to-face observation.

Role play station

  • The role play station gives you a chance to show how comfortable and confident you are meeting a new person, and having a short conversation covering issues of substance. It will be important to give appropriate advice in managing the situation. In the role play, you will be interacting with someone who has been trained in role play. You'll be provided with a brief paragraph to explain the context of the conversation. You will be expected to take an active role but how it runs depends also on how you respond to the role player.

Calculation station

  • This has not been defined in detail as yet and will take place on a separate date from your online interview as explained above.

  • You will have 20 minutes to complete two separate tasks, and all applicants will complete these tasks at the same time via a virtual software platform off camera. You will be asked to undertake simple mathematical calculations involving data that has clinical relevance.

  • The mathematical skills that are being tested are at GCSE level and below. The sophistication of each task is to recognise which piece or pieces of data need to be manipulated at a particular stage and to determine the precise mathematical approach that needs to be applied.

  • There will be a number of stages in the calculations and to establish the order in which these are performed is important too.