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Medical School Interviews 2022/2023
FREE Medicine MMI Stations

FREE MMI Stations for you to practice your Medicine Multiple Mini Interviews. We have over 40 FREE MMI Stations as well as Oxbridge Mock Interviews to help you ace your medical school interviews!

If you're feeling stressed about medical school interviews, then you're in luck! Check out our FREE MMI Stations to help you be in the top 15%! We go through a range of topics including: medical ethics, NHS, Personal Values, Data Interpretation and much more! 

Medicine Mock Interview
Medicine Mock Interviews
Medicine Interview Tutoring
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Medicine Mock Interviews
Medicine Interview Tutoring
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Medicine Interview Tutoring
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⚡️Supercharge your Interview Preparation

After COVID, the Medicine Application is more competitive than ever with only 15% of applicants receiving at least 1 offer. Our 1-1 Tutoring is proven to increase the number of medical school offers with 99% of our students receiving at least 1 offer for Medicine. 

Improve your interview perforamnce. 30% of medical applicants get rejected due to a poor interview performance score, get a headstart on your competition with our elite 1:1 tutoring program
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Get into Medical School.
Book a FREE call with us. 

Find out how The Aspiring Medics can guarantee you an offer. We promise it will be your first step towards success! 

What You Will Get - 1:1 Tutoring covering hot medical topics, core knowledge, model answers to real interview questions, interview etiquette, mock interviews and much more. Personalised tutoring, 200+ tutorials, personalised strengths and weaknesses, expert insight, hollistic support, 250+ quesiton bank, real interview question, verbal and written feedback, extensive analysis, access to WhatsApp group
You will receive exemplar answers with line-by-line feedback to help you understand how to construct the best answers. You will be scored on various factors and be given line-by-line guidance on how to prepare immaculate interview answers

📜 Advice

This is a common interview question that is simple yet challenging to answer effectively. You want to demonstrate your understanding of different healthcare roles and highlight your motivation for being a doctor specifically.

A good and honest answer on why you want to be a doctor. When discussing your love of problem-solving, you can be specific on where you have demonstrated effective problem-solving skills.

You have briefly explained the differences between doctors and nurses. This can be further improved by using the STARR technique to demonstrate insight you have gained from your specific experiences.


📝 Line-by-Line Feedback

You will receive exemplar answers with line-by-line feedback to help you understand how to construct the best answers. You will be scored on various factors and be given line-by-line guidance on how to prepare immaculate interview answers


🏥 Work Experience

It is great that used this question to also drop in that you organised your work experience placement and have seen first hand the roles of a doctor and nurses, as this shows resilience and commitment – important traits of a doctor.

You communicated your thoughts very concisely and clearly, making sure your answer was always addressing the question. You spoke confidently and fluently  - well done!

🌱 Ways to Improve

Be prepared, interviews may sometimes ask you about nurse practitioners who can also diagnose and prescribe in some cases. e.g. Medicine training pathways for doctors allow them to develop a depth of expertise that is needed to recognise and treat more complex conditions

Medicine Interview Tutoring 2022, 2023,2024 - Model Answers - We will drill you through the most common interview questions as well as how to answer them. With our 1:1 tutoring, your answers will come across as structured, honest and natural without sounding too rehearsed. You will receive a FREE Experience Bank to help you reflect on your experiences.
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🎯 Bespoke Tutoring Packages Suited to your Needs

We will work with you to create your own bespoke tutoring packages tailored to your universities. Whether it be 40, 20 or 5 hours, we will work with you to choose the best lesson plans for your strengths and weaknesses. 

Example of a 20-Hour Tutoring Package
Personalised,  Bespoke & Elite Tutoring

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Ace your Medical School Interviews. 
Start your journey today. 

Medicine is an extremely stressful and challenging career; admissions tutors from all medical schools will therefore want to ensure that you have realistic insight into the benefits and challenges of wanting to go into medicine.  A favorite question amongst universities is “Why do you want to go into Medicine?”, we will work with you to create an honest yet unique answer.
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🖥️ Unlock our Award-Winning Online Interview Portal 

Gain access to exclusive interview resources that are guaranteed to help you excel in your interview preparation

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✅ 250 + Question Bank Answers written by University Interview Examiners

✅ 200 + Video Tutorials

✅ 24/7 Support via WhatsApp

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1-on-1 Interactive Video Calls

Initial Consultation
The initial consultation is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the course and for the Senior Tutors to find out more about you so we can match you with the perfect tutor. We consider everything you are looking for including prospective universities and availability

Regular Feedback
Through Google Meet Video Calls, you will have the opportunity to practice questions, learn content