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"The Aspiring Medics trained me for medical school interviews, teaching me how to give the best responses and present my answers in a clear and concise way. The 1:1 tutoring service really made me feel listened to and they were able to cater to my individual needs."

—  Ruvimbo, Bristol Medical Student


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Excel with our comprehensive 20-hour lesson strategy created specifically in response to the coronavirus pandemic  


(Hours 1-2)

Work Experience

(Hours 3-4)

Values & Skills (Hours 5-6)


(Hours 7-8)

Medical Ethics 

(Hours 9-10)


(Hours 11-12)


(Hours  13-14)

Data Analysis

(Hours  15-16)

University Specific Mock

(Hours 17-18)

University Specific Mock

(Hours 19-20)


100+ Model Answers

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Oxford Medical Student


Oxford Medical Student


Oxford Medical Student

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