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COVID-19 Extra Reading



Can COVID-19 Be Stopped?

Queen's Address

100+ Doctors Tell You The TRUTH About Battling Coronavirus

Why some become seriously ill from Coronavirus - and others don’t

Doctor Mike Interviews Dr. Fauci On COVID19

What Bill Gates Is Afraid Of

Coronavirus - common questions | NHS Q&A

Coronavirus stay at home advice | NHS

Prof Chris Whitty: How to Control a Pandemic

How coronavirus charts can mislead us

How long will the pandemic last

What actually is Coronavirus - Surgeon Explains

Covid-19: what the world has learned during lockdown

Doctors DRAGGED Over Coronavirus Statements

Why The 2019 Novel Coronavirus Is So Hard To Stop

Hey Google, Help Us Doctors! | Dr. Feinberg Interview


The Two Coronavirus Tests The World Needs Immediately

Coronavirus Tests

The Race to Develop a Coronavirus Treatment in 60 Days

The TRUTH About Coronavirus Antibody Tests

How to Get COVID-19 Test Results in an Hour or Less

Trusting Antibody Testing

UK hits 'precedented' target

Startup Designs Temperature-Detecting Glasses for COVID-19 Screening

Why Blood From Coronavirus Survivors Could Be a Lifeline for the Sick

Potential Vacccine?

When Will We Have a Coronavirus Vaccine?

First Human Trials in Europe at Oxford University

How scientists are fighting the coronavirus: A three minute guide

Price Gauging?

We May Have a COVID Vaccine in 2021, But Not Without Taking Risks

Vaccine Controversy

How Scientists Are Trying to Develop a Coronavirus Vaccine

COVID Conversations: Sarah Gilbert on Oxford's COVID Vaccine

Oxford coronavirus vaccine triggers immune response and appears safe

Dexamethasone Could Be a COVID-19 'Breakthrough'


OxVent Multidisciplinary Research

NASA Team Designs New Ventilator to Address U.S. Supply Shortages


Masks? Handwashing? Sanitizer?

Why the New Face Mask Recommendations?

Coronavirus Masks

How to wear PPE

The 3D Printing Industry Just Built a Stockpile in the Cloud

Access to PPE is a human right. We need action now.

Potential Treatment?

Chloroquine: The New Coronavirus Cure?

Our Best Bets for Treating Coronavirus

Here’s the Latest on Hydroxychloroquine and Coronavirus Antivirals


Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin

How to treat Covid-19

Inside Hospitals

Inside an ICU fighting COVID-19

Inside an ICU during coronavirus

My First Day Working on a COVID-19 Ward in London

Coronavirus is changing how hospitals treat ALL patients

What has changed in the Emergency Department since the coronavirus outbreak?

Doctors VLOG: Life on the Battleground

Critical care doctor explains what coronavirus intensive care is really like

RCGP Together

Hospital Special: Fighting Covid-19 Trailer

Inside Italy's Hospitals: A Disturbing Look at Coronavirus Up Close

London in the Shadow of a Virus

Mental Health

Social Distancing & Mental Health

Why the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Affecting Your Dreams

Crisis Text Line Offers Mental Health Support During Pandemic

The Waking Nightmare of ICU Delirium for COVID-19 Patients

Why People Bake In A Crisis

Levels of Depression have Doubled during Coronavirus Pandemic

NHS Adaptations

Contacting your GP Remotely

Nye Health during COVID-19

Technology in COVID-19

Global Impact

How the virus will hit the poorest people on the planet

How Professional Sports Are Adapting to COVID-19

Why Is America So Bad At Public Health?

90% of U.S. COVID Deaths Could've Been Prevented?

Interview with Dr. Anne Schuchat- Principal Deputy Director, CDC

Why we're seeing mass layoffs in the US but not the UK

What coronavirus looks like in EVERY country on earth - From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

Pollution has plummeted during the coronavirus pandemic - but will it last?

Great Depression Photos Gain New Attention as Unemployment Spikes

Dr. Anthony Fauci, explained

Covid-19: how it will change the world | The Economist

How covid-19 could change the financial world order | The Economist

How coronavirus changed the world in three months

The Latest Consumer-Spending Report, Explained

How the Oil Bust Could Reshape Global Markets


What is Herd Immunity?

Does Getting COVID-19 Make You Immune to It?

What Happens If You Get a Severe Case of COVID-19?

Recognizing Day to Day Signs and Symptoms of Coronavirus

Coronavirus: What are the symptoms?

Is This Coronavirus, or Just Allergies? Symptoms of COVID-19

Can You Get The Coronavirus Twice?

Why Bats Can Fight Off So Many Viruses

How Coronavirus Affects People With Diabetes, Cancer, And Other Conditions

What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

The Science Behind How the Body Clears Coronavirus

Coronavirus is not the flu. It's worse.


Why Is COVID-19 So Hard to Track?

Digital surveillance technology: Coronavirus Pandemic

What Exactly is Contact Tracing?

How Covid-19 contact tracing could help beat the pandemic

How Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps Work

BAME Staff

UK hospitals warned BAME staff may be at greater risk of coronavirus

Covid-19 and the Impact on BAME communities - What needs to change?

Black Britons ‘twice as likely’ to die with coronavirus, says ONS

Thank You

Love for healthcare workers

Thank You - Part 1

Thank You - Part 2