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Dundee University Medicine Interview Questions (2023 entry)

About Dundee Medical School (2023 Edition)

Dundee Medical School is unique, being situated inside of Ninewells hospital.

It takes on a systems-based approach to learning, enabling science to be taught in blocks rather that separate courses (e.g. anatomy, physiology).

Additionally the school is known for its early clinical exposure which allows students to apply theory to real life scenarios on the ward.

Equality and diversity surveys are conducted regularly to ensure that the university is a safe and friendly environment for everyone.

University of Dundee Interview Information

😊 How does Imperial College select candidates for interviews?

GSCEs: They require Biology, English and Mathematics GCSE to be atleast at grade B/6 if not taken in A-Level.

A-Levels: For a valid application, Dundee requires AAA at A-Level including Chemistry and another science (Biology, Physics or Mathematics). Academic achievements will account for 60% of the score which will be used to shortlist candidates for interviews.

Personal Statement: Dundee doesn’t use personal statement for shortlisting, but it may be discussed during the interview.

UCAT: The university requires all candidates to sit the UCAT test, but Dundee doesn’t have a minimum cut-off score. However, the UCAT score will account for 40% of the score which will be used to shortlist candidates for interviews.

🧬 What is the interview format?

For 2023, Dundee will be conducting face-to-face MMI interviews but also offers remote panel interviews for overseas candidates if they are unable to travel. Both interview formats will require candidates to discuss five scenarios during the interview that will last 60 minutes in total.

The MMI interview will consist of moving from one station to another with different interviewers at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

The remote interview will be a panel interview with the same panel interviewing the candidate for all the stations, on the platform Blackboard Collaborate.

📆 When will you get interview invitations?

Based on previous years, the university usually sends out their invitations between November 2022 and January 2023, giving candidates 2-3 weeks notice before their interview.

👩‍💼 When are the interviews usually held?

The in-person interviews will be held in December 2022, whereas the remote interviews will be held in January 2023. Make sure that you are free on the interview date given as Dundee is unable to reschedule the interview.

📝 What are the main topics I will be asked at the interview?

The university looks to assess a candidate’s communication skills, ability to work in a team, personal values, critical thinking, flexibility and problem solving. The university is also interested about any work experience and may bring it up in the interview, however it is not a requirement for interviews as they recognise the difficulty of getting work experience in the pandemic.

☑️ How will my interview be marked?

The interview is marked based on how well the candidate demonstrates the different skills relevant to each station. Also, the MMI stations are marked individually, so the performance of one does not affect the other.

🏠How many applicants are there per interview (Home)?

In 2022, the university received 1809 applications and gave out 696 invitations to Home students – 2.6 applications per interview (38.5% chance).

🌎 How many applicants are there per interview (International)?

In 2022, the university received 418 applications and gave out 196 invitations to International students – 2.1 applications per interview (46.9% chance).

How likely is it that I will be given an offer after an interview?

In 2022, they gave out 312 offers from 696 interviews for Home students – 2.2 candidates per offer (44.8% chance).

In 2022, they gave out 57 offers from 181 interviews for International students – 3.2 candidates per offer (31.5% chance).

  • Check out Dundee Medical School's website for up to date information about the medical school.

  • Read up the GMC's Good Medical Practice to gain insight into the types of questions that can be asked and understand how to tackle them.

  • Make sure to regularly practice interview style questions to gain confidence and most important, be yourself.

  • Use the reading time to plan and structure your answer or remind yourself of important things to include in your answer. This short amount of time for planning will help you organise your answer logically and make it more articulate.

  • The interview will comprise of a series of virtual stations in which you will be asked to consider questions, situations, and dilemmas. Even though these are often framed in a clinical or medical context, no prior medical knowledge is required to address them.

Check out our Medical Interview Course!

Example Interview Questions

🔥 Motivation Interview Questions

  • Why would you like to study medicine and why the University of Dundee?

  • What would you do if you didn’t get into medical school?

  • Why do you want to be a doctor rather than a nurse?

  • What qualities are most important in a doctor?

⚖️Medical Ethics Interview Questions

  • Being given a scenario, and asked to describe the relevant medical ethics that can be identified.

  • What is your view on organ donation (opt in/opt out/any other systems that you are aware of)?

  • What are your views on euthanasia, abortion, cloning etc.

🏥 Work Experience Interview Questions

  • Describe the work experience you have?

  • What work experience have you done and what did you learn from it?

💼 Problem Solving Questions

  • Being given a puzzle/task to solve under a certain time restraint, and being evaluated on communication and how you handle the task.

🎭 Roleplay Interview Questions

  • Acting out a scenario from a non-clinical setting, and being assessed on how you would approach and handle the problem.

  • This may involve interactions with a trained actor, or medical school student as well as an observer.

🏨 Teamwork Interview Questions

  • These may include teaching an actor to perform a specific task or describing to the interviewer how to complete a specific task.

  • Tell me about a time where you worked well in a team situation.

📰 NHS Interview Questions

  • How long does will it take you to become a GP/surgeon/oncologist?

  • The NHS principles/function etc.

  • The General Medical Council structure and function.

  • Professionalism and medicine as a career

🤯Values and Skills Interview Questions

  • What are your strengths?

  • What are your weaknesses?

📰 Current Affairs

  • Recent medical advances

  • Have you read any medical articles of interest recently?

Dundee University is one of the first universities to introduce the thiel-embalmed cadavers to teach anatomy. This new technique helps to retain colour and flexibility to that of a live human. Clinical experience from Year 1 provides students the opportunity to explore the psychosocial aspect of a patients journey. Students also have the opportunity to use the newly renovated skills centre to practice examination skills in preparation for OSCEs. SSCs allows students to research an area of medical science and explore topics of interest. Dundee also offers students the chance to intercalate between 3rd and 4th year.

Dundee is a small city with many opportunities for students. The medical school is a 50 min walk from the main campus, which is situated in the city centre, providing access to a number of buses between the two sites. Medical students get the chance to explore both campus sites as anatomy teaching is held in the medical science building on campus. Since many student accommodations are situated within the centre, students can find part time jobs closer to home. The university also has also a number of libraries on the main campus, as well as the Medical Library open 24 hours for medical students to study. There are also a range of medical societies which include Teddy Bear hospital, Anatomy Society and the newly established Afro Medics society.

Dundee university has a wide range of student accommodations situated in the centre, which enables medics to meet and mix with students from other courses. Most of the student accommodations are situated near the main campus site and around town, which exposes students to local shops, restaurants and the newly established V&A museum. There are a number of student societies ranging from politics to sports that are held to get students involved and gain the chance to make friends, as well as societies tailored specifically to medical school, which provide revision sessions during exam seasons. The campus sits near the heart of the city so is within easy reach of everything you need.

The Dundee University Medical Society (DUMEs), is an amazing society that is run by students, who are known for holding the best socials, ensuring there is something out there for everyone. The society helps matriculating students by setting a big brother and sister scheme, which involves students from the years above offering support, while introducing them to the night life in Dundee. In addition DUMES, is also responsible for hosting many balls throughout the year, and providing discounts for a number of eating establishments, allowing medics to enjoy at discounted prices. Finally, DUMEs also provides a lot of support to students and helps connect the affiliated medical societies that Dundee has to offer.

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