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A-Level Results Day 2020

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📬Grades are being calculated using a two stage system:

  • Assessment Centre Submissions

    • Teachers have submitted predicted grades along with rank order for all students ​

  • Standardisation​

    • ​Teachers’ grades can be adjusted up or down in order to take into account historical performance data of your school

🔒Triple Lock System:

The Department of Education have announced a "triple lock" so the results will be highest out of:

  • Estimated grades

  • Mock grades

  • Optional written exam in Autumn 

✍️You can appeal your grades

If students can get an estimated target grade that is lower than their grade in a mock exam, they will be able to appeal with the terms for appealing for the grade determined by Ofqual. As such, mock exam results have and will play a large role in deciding grades.

🏛️ Many admissionss decisions were made last Friday 

Because universities were not consulted about this change, they did not know about this until today (Wednesday 12th August 2020). 

🎬Make sure you have a Plan B

We sincerely hope you get the results that you want and deserve but it’s important to have a Plan B - check out our action plan below. 

🔗Useful Links:

Preparation (Day Before)

Clearing - Action Plan.png

📋Create a Fact File of your Personal Details

Put your UCAS Track Log-In Details, UCAS ID and GCSE results in one wallet or file - this will make it easier when phoning or emailing universities. Being organised, will allow you to be best prepared if you don't get the grades you wanted.  

✅Double-check how you will found out your results

You may choose to collect your results physically from your school OR find out your results on UCAS in the morning. Your result on UCAS will only tell you if your place has been confirmed and NOT your grades. You will need to know your A-Level grades to go through clearing and so we would recommend getting your results from your school ASAP.

Arrange transport to and from your school so that you can arrive there early even if there is a road accident or traffic on the way. If you are collecting your results digitally, you may choose to ask family members to disconnect their devices from the Wi-Fi on the day to maximise your internet speed. 

🏛️Find out which medical schools are in clearing 

You can research admission tutors' emails and numbers for your preferred course, you can email them NOW to find out if they will be entering clearing. 

📱Charge your phones 

You may be spending a long time on the phone waiting lists so ensure that you have charged your phone. You may potentially arrange to have a family member or friend that can call on your behalf.