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Medicine Clearing Guide

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Confirmed Medical Schools in Clearing

  • St George's University of London - A100 Medicine

  • University of Buckingham - A100 Medicine

  • Hull York - A100 Medicine

  • Leeds - A101 Gateway Year to Medicine

🏛️Potential Medical Schools in Clearing

  • University of Lancaster - A100

  • University of Plymouth - A100

  • University of Nottingham - A100 

  • Edge Hill University - A100

  • University of Sunderland - A100 

  • University of Lincoln - A100 

  • Kent and Medway Medical School - A100 

📋Have your Personal Details Ready

Have your UCAS ID and GCSE results in one wallet or file at the ready - this will make it easier when phoning or emailing universities. Being organised, will allow you to be best prepared if you don't get the grades you wanted.  

⌛Act Quickly

With all the preparation you have done the day before, you're able to get in the phone queues and waiting lists early to be one step ahead of the crowd. 

📞 Have 2 mobile phones at the ready

You will likely be in call waiting lists for more than 30 minutes so make sure you are early and potentially have a family member or friend that can call on your behalf. 

🏛️ Disclose any extenuating circumstances

It's important to disclose any extenuating circumstances that you feel may have affected your exam performance; speak to your school in the first instance who will be able to guide you through your Exam Board's procedure.

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