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Medicine Clearing Guide 2022

🎯 Be strategic

🏛️ Research universities 

⚖️ Evaluate your options

Please note it is highly unlikely that Medical Schools will go into clearing in 2022, your best approach is to phone up individual medical schools


Clearing Diagram.png

📬Grades are being calculated using a two stage system

  • Assessment Centre Submissions

    • Teachers have submitted predicted grades along with rank order for all students ​

  • Standardisation​

    • ​Teachers’ grades can be adjusted up or down in order to take into account historical performance data of your school

✍️You can appeal your grades

If students can get an estimated target grade that is lower than their grade in a mock exam, they will be able to appeal with the terms for appealing for the grade determined by Ofqual. As such, mock exam results have and will play a large role in deciding grades. You can also speak to your Exams Officer at your school regarding extenuating circumstances. Each exam board has their own extenuating circumstances process.  


🎬Make sure you have a Plan B

We sincerely hope you get the results that you want and deserve but it’s important to have a Plan B - check out our action plan below. 

📈 Record number of total applicants in 2021 

There was a 21% increase in Medicine Applications from last year (5,000 more people competing for a space). There will therefore be more applicants that have been unsuccessful in getting a place and will be competing for a clearing place. 

⬆️ There was an increase in applicants reapplying to medicine

An extra 1,650 people reapplied to medicine compared to last year. Due to grade inflation last year, it is likely that these applicants have already met the Grades required by the medical schools they’ve applied to. They also have the benefit of already going through the application cycle. With their grades already known, they will have an advantage over applicants in Year 13.

🎈Grade inflation across A-Level Subjects

Since formal examinations have been unable to go ahead due to COVID-19 there has been a significant grade inflation. This means that more applicants are meeting their offers than in previous years, thus reducing the number of clearing spaces available. 

🏦Medical schools announcing extra places due to huge increase in applications and historically high A-Level grades

As a result of the aforementioned grade inflation, the Department for Education (DfE) has announced that extra places at medical schools would be added after hundreds of more students had reached their qualifying grades than expected. 

Preparation for Results Day

Clearing - Action Plan.png

📋Create a Fact File of your Personal Details

Put your UCAS Track Log-In Details, UCAS ID and GCSE results in one wallet or file - this will make it easier when phoning or emailing universities. Being organised, will allow you to be best prepared if you don't get the grades you wanted.  

✅Double-check how you will found out your results

You may choose to collect your results physically from your school OR find out your results on UCAS in the morning. Your result on UCAS will only tell you if your place has been confirmed and NOT your grades. You will need to know your A-Level grades to go through clearing and so we would recommend getting your results from your school ASAP.

Arrange transport to and from your school so that you can arrive there early even if there is a road accident or traffic on the way. If you are collecting your results digitally, you may choose to ask family members to disconnect their devices from the Wi-Fi on the day to maximise your internet speed. 

🏛️Find out which medical schools are in clearing 

You can research admission tutors' emails and numbers for your preferred course, you can email them NOW to find out if they will be entering clearing. 

📱Charge your phones 

You may be spending a long time on the phone waiting lists so ensure that you have charged your phone. You may potentially arrange to have a family member or friend that can call on your behalf. 



Confirmed Medical Schools in Clearing (2021)

  • University of Buckingham - A100 Medicine

🏛️Potential Medical Schools in Clearing (2021)

  • St George’s, University of London - A100 
    UCLan - A100


Confirmed Medical Schools in Clearing (2020)

  • St George's University of London - A100 Medicine

  • University of Buckingham - A100 Medicine

  • Hull York - A100 Medicine

  • Leeds - A101 Gateway Year to Medicine

🏛️Potential Medical Schools in Clearing (2020)

  • University of Lancaster - A100

  • University of Plymouth - A100

  • University of Nottingham - A100 

  • Edge Hill University - A100

  • University of Sunderland - A100 

  • University of Lincoln - A100 

  • Kent and Medway Medical School - A100 

🧠 Keep calm
It can be extremely disappointing if you do not reach the grades that you needed to meet your offer. Think through your options and try not to rush into anything. 

💯Only look for A100 Medicine
There are a plethora of similarly-sounding medical courses such as Biomedicine, Physiological Sciences, Medical Science - pay particular attention to this and look out for the course code A100. This will avoid preventable delays and confusion further down the road! 

📋Have your Personal Details Ready

Have your UCAS ID and GCSE results in one wallet or file at the ready - this will make it easier when phoning or emailing universities. Being organised, will allow you to be best prepared if you don't get the grades you wanted.  

⌛Act Quickly

With all the preparation you have done the day before, you're able to get in the phone queues and waiting lists early to be one step ahead of the crowd. 

📞 Have 2 mobile phones at the ready

You will likely be in call waiting lists for more than 30 minutes so make sure you are early and potentially have a family member or friend that can call on your behalf. 

🏛️ Disclose any extenuating circumstances

It's important to disclose any extenuating circumstances that you feel may have affected your exam performance; speak to your school in the first instance who will be able to guide you through your Exam Board's procedure.

Alternative Routes into Medicine

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