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St. George's University Interview Questions

About St. George's Medical School

St. George's Medical school is a supportive, helpful and diverse community.

As the only Uk university to share a campus with a teaching hospital, where the television series '24 hours in A&E' is filmed, you are immersed in a professional environment from day one.

It is a specialist health university, providing students a unique position to get a real taste of their future. An integrated teaching style of science and placement gives an all-rounded development and experience.



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Interview format

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Interview months

Prior information

Examiner review

What to expect after the interview?


Interview tips

  • For SGUL it is worthwhile to learn more about different topics in medicine – both key events in the past and current developments.

  • Remain level-headed to think more clearly and to show the interviewers that you have the skills and qualities to make a great future doctor.

  • The stations are extremely varied and can include answering questions, solving problems, and engaging in role-play or scenario-based tasks.

  • Practise immersing yourself in role-play or scenario tasks.

  • Try and practice with people who are good at being strict so you get used to the expected interview.

  • Give multiple examples to illustrate your points. Make sure you include your personal experience in your answers, for example, work experience.


Example interview questions

Values and skills

  • How are you a good candidate for Medicine?

  • What skills did you learn during work experience and which skills do you think you need to develop for the future?

Work Experience

  • In your work experience, did you observe a doctor breaking bad news to a patient? How did they do this, and why was it done well?

  • When have you worked in a team and what did you learn from this?

  • Talk about a research paper you’ve recently read.


  • For the past, what were some of the most notable achievements in the medical field for you and why?

Current affairs

  • Currently, what do you think is the biggest issue in medicine?

  • Discuss your views on abortion.

Problem solving

  • Summarise an article.

  • Travelling on the underground in London, one of your friends becomes separated from the group and it is their first time in London. Explain your plan of action.

  • How would you deal with making a prescription error?

  • Explain how you would make a cup of tea, to someone who has never done it before.