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Buckingham University Interview Questions

About Buckingham Medical School

The University of Buckingham offers an accelerated 4.5 year medical course, which primarily focuses on helping you develop into competent and caring doctors.

It provides very early patient exposure (from term 1 itself!), which helps develop essential communication skills very early on in the medical school journey.

The staff is excellent, and are very willing to help students out with not only their academic needs but also their pastoral needs.



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Interview format

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What to expect after the interview?


Interview tips

  • Be thorough with the GMC Good Medical Practice and its interactive scenarios as it is what they usually base their interviews on.

  • Also brush up on your communication skills as this is something that the course focuses on, right from the start of the course.

  • Be prepared for a significant amount of roleplays so learn how to express empathy and actively listen to people in these simulated discussions by practising with your friends and family

  • Also make sure you go through the university website thoroughly so that you know the course structure and its values in detail.

  • Brush up on mental mathematics as well as analytical skills as these are assessed. Students often stress about this, but you’ve likely done similar preparation for QR in UCAT.


Example interview questions


  • Why choose the University of Buckingham?