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Oxford University Interview Questions

About Oxford University

Oxford’s Medicine Course is highly prestigious and competitive, with Oxford University ranked as the world’s best institution for medical and health teaching and research.

Oxford takes a traditional approach with distinct pre-clinical and clinical phases, allowing students to fully understand and explore the scientific theory underlying clinical practice before stepping foot onto hospital wards. The school provides excellent teaching, immersive practicals and great resources.

The medical student body is one of the most diverse at the university.



MMI or Panel?


Interview format

What to expect on interview day?

Interview scoring system

Interview months

Prior information

Examiner review

What to expect after the interview?


Interview tips

  • Oxford recommended reading the Medical Schools Council’s Consensus Statement on the role of the doctor The Consensus Statement , as well as Guiding Principles for the Admission of Medical Students.

  • Take your A-Level Biology textbook with you so that you can have a quick recap over the key topics that you may find harder. Learn some content beyond the A-Level syllabus.

  • Practice doing problem-solving questions based on scientific topics or illnesses.

  • Review your personal statement and make sure you know all of the scientific basis of the illnesses/diseases you included in it.

  • You cannot predict whether your application has been successful by counting the number of interviews you receive, so don’t become anxious if you receive either more or fewer than you expect!


Example interview questions


  • What do you think you could contribute to college life?

  • Why do you want to study medicine/be a doctor?

  • Why the University of Oxford?

Medical ethics

  • What are the ethical implications of taking steroids for sporting activities?

  • Should patients be allowed to sell their kidney(s)?

Values and skills

  • What qualities are needed to be a good doctor?

Work experience

  • How would you reassure a patient who is worried about receiving their biopsy results?

Current affairs

  • Tell me about a recent medical technology advancement you are interested in.