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Edge Hill University Interview Questions

About Edge Hill Medical School

Edge Hill University is based on an award-winning campus in the thriving Lancashire town of Ormskirk, near Liverpool and Manchester.

Theory and practice are integrated through a hybrid of case-based and team-based learning alongside extensive clinical skills and simulation training.

Equipped with medical leadership skills, resilience and an understanding of public health, you will graduate fully prepared for practice as a doctor ready to make a major contribution to the healthcare services of today and tomorrow.



MMI or Panel?


Interview format

What to expect on interview day?

Interview scoring system

Interview months

Examiner review

What to expect after the interview?


Interview tips

  • Look into NHS hot topics – this is a common theme throughout the Edge Hill medicine interview so it’s important to have a good understanding of current events as well as the way the NHS works.

  • No overly complicated calculations will be expected, but it’s good to be able to describe and suggest reasons for trends for the data interpretation station.

  • Think about how the pillars of medical ethics apply to these and demonstrate knowledge of the medicolegal factors involved in topics such as euthanasia.

  • Be prepared to talk about why you’d like to study medicine at Edge Hill University.


Example interview questions


  • Why do you want to study medicine?

  • Why Edge Hill University?

Medical ethics

  • Why is confidentiality important?

  • General discussion of ethical scenarios and dilemmas

Values and skills

  • What would you take with you to a desert island?

Work experience

  • What qualities of yours are suitable for a doctor?

  • What have you learnt from your work experience?

Current affairs

  • What impact do health campaigns have on society?

Problem solving

  • Summarising graph depicting trends in a health-related issue.

  • Possible explanations for pattern and discuss topic.


  • Interacting with an upset patient


  • What impact do health campaigns have on society?

  • General discussion of current situation in the NHS


University life

Unique selling points of the university

At Edge Hill, the knowledge taught is aligned with key legal and ethical principles, the development of diagnostic, decision-making, communication and reflection skills, as w