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Ageing Population

Within this article we will discuss the effects of an ageing. population on healthcare and yourself as clinicians. For many, getting older means an individual is more likely to have multi-morbidities and issues with frailty. Now there are more treatment for diseases which would previously have reduced life expectancy, the NHS is now needing to adapt to people living longer with more complicated healthcare conditions.

Background: What makes an 'ageing population'?

Stats and Figures

Consequences: What are the implications of an ageing population?

Technique: How to approach answering a question on ageing populations

Do's and don't's

Practice: Have a go at answering a question yourself

Approaching the question

TAM's Top Tips

  • Learn some useful statistics about the ageing population - they could come in handy in interview when providing substance to an argument.

  • Recall the implications of an ageing population.

  • Read around the topic - you can use our website

  • Always consider the perspective of both the patient and the doctor.


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