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Obesity Crisis

In this blog post we will discuss the obesity crisis facing the world. Incidence of obesity has nearly tripled since the 1970s, and in addition there has been an increasing incidence of obesity in young adults and children. The effects of this on healthcare, morbidity and mortality are wide ranging, and we will explore some areas of this and how to answer related questions in your Medical School Interviews.

Background - what is classed as obesity?

Definitions and introduction:

Factors & Impact - What causes obesity and what are the knock-on effects?

What factors contribute to obesity?

Case Study: Prada-Willi Syndrome

What are the consequences of obesity?

Technique - How can we approach MMI and interview questions?

Top tips for approaching MMI and Interview questions

Practice - Have a go at some practice questions!

Mock interview question:

"Should we focus on preventing obesity or treating its consequences?"

TAM's top tips

  • Learn the definitions of obesity and the main contributing factors.

  • Read around the topic - you can use our website

  • Answer questions with care as this may be a sensitive topic.


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