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Vaccine Passports


What are vaccine passports?

Proof – vaccine passports are documents which prove that you have had your vaccine against certain diseases, such as COVID-19

Usage – they have been introduced in order to restore international travel for citizens who have been vaccinated

History – in certain places, they have been in place for a long time, for vaccines like the one against yellow fever

The pros

Safety – the safety of the public when returning back to the pre-pandemic activities

Encourage vaccine uptake – Vaccine Passports could increase vaccine uptake

Protect the NHS – through awareness-raising campaigns and policies

Prevent the spread– through raising awareness, social media, peer support

The cons

Patient Autonomy – patients are responsible for their own informed choices

Boundaries – could these be socioeconomic, cultural or even medical

Exceptions – what about the patients who are contraindicated to get the vaccine?

Accessibility – do all people have access to vaccines or will this just increase inequalities?


To what extent would mandatory vaccine passports, say nightclub entry, curtail personal autonomy?

Approaching the question

Take a moment to think – gather your ideas before starting your answer in order to deliver a well-structured piece

Take both perspectives – try not to focus on the positives/negatives only but provide an overall view of both sides

Give examples– demonstrate your insight into medicine by linking your arguments to meaningful examples

Have a comprehensive conclusion - sum up all the arguments you have mentioned in a professional manner

Key points

1. Do your research – ensure you are comfortable with the topic of Vaccine Passports

2. Try to keep a neutral view – do not let your own biases cloud your judgement

3. Always have the Ethical Principles in mind – this will allow you to structure your answer and cover breadth of knowledge

4. Read around the topic – you can use our website


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