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Liverpool University Interview Questions

About Liverpool Medical School

The University of Liverpool is a proud member of the Russel group of universities.

With over 150 years of experience in teaching medicine- the university has churned several high achieving medical professionals and noble prize winners.

It adopts a careful balance between traditional (lecture based, discussions, self directed learning) and modern approaches- extending opportunities beyond the lecture theatre into hospitals.

Early patient contact is instrumental in developing confidence, communication and vital procedural skills.



MMI or Panel?


Interview format

What to expect on interview day?

Interview scoring system

Interview months

Examiner review

What to expect after the interview?


Interview tips

  • Practice mock interviews with family and teachers in time constraints as this will improve confidence while taking the real interview.

  • Presence of mind is crucial on the day- ensure you think out of the box and take your time while answering questions.

  • Good medical practice is useful for preparing for medical ethics and situational judgement.

  • Read through and make notes on the NHS constitution and GMC guidelines to get some further insight into the NHS values as Liverpool uses Value-based recruitment.

  • Read your personal statement several times!!!- questions from the Personal statement may come up.


Example interview questions


  • Why have you chosen to study Medicine?

  • Why have you decided to study at Liverpool?

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of PBL and the aspects that you feel will suit you?

Medical ethics

  • Mr X who just underwent an elective surgical procedure. A complication during the procedure occurred owing to a mistake of the operating surgeon. This complication has taken 10 years of life from the patient. You are the operating surgeon. How would you explain this to the family? What would you say and why?

Values and skills

  • From your personal statement, identify 3 examples to suggest that you are a motivated/ team player/ student.

Work experience

  • Speak about a case that you observed during your work experience that helped you better appreciate the profession?


  • How would Brexit affect salary pay for doctors in the NHS?

Problem solving

  • Drug dose calculations


  • You are the IT head of X hospital. Explain to Mr Y that there has been a data leak owing to which confidential information may have leaked from the database. comment on the seriousness of the situation, and potential implications