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Service Description

🏛 Let’s face it, getting into medical school is tough with only 30% of successful applicants getting in and with many applicants having to take gap years to reapply. It is incredibly stressful and will require you to be at your best. 🌟The Aspiring Medics, an award-winning 1:1 tutoring company, promises to triple your chance of getting into medical school, from 30% to 96%. 🆓 Book a FREE 15-minute Complimentary Consultation with our Expert Advisors, diving deep into your aspirations and challenges to meticulously craft a tutoring package tailored uniquely for you, ensuring a streamlined and supported journey towards your medical school admission. 📞 Please note that it is highly recommend that your parent or guardian be present during the consultation so discuss next steps, aligning visions, and strategies for your future in medicine. 🎓 Experience a Personalized Approach to your medical studies by gaining access to exclusive services like 1:1 personalized tutoring, a professionally filmed online video course, and innovative AI-powered flashcards. These tools are designed to arm you with a robust foundation and advanced knowledge needed in your journey. 🤝 Our collaborations with the NHS & UK Government ensures that our practices and methods align with the pinnacle of medical knowledge and up to date practice, best positioning our students for success in their pursuits. 🏫 Being Trusted Widely by over 100+ schools and thousands of aspiring medics each year, we employ evidence-based strategies and tactics to maximise your medicine application. 🧐 Your Detailed Consultation with our Expert Advisors involves an insightful discussion about your current stage in the application process, target application locations, personal statement, test preparations (such as UCAT and/or BMAT), interview preparation strategies, and A-levels. 🎯 Developing a Customized Tutoring Package from the insights during the consultation, we will create the Tutoring Package Tailored to your Strengths & Weaknesses. 🤝 Engage in One-to-One Tutoring, where, upon payment, we match you with your Expert Tutors, initiating your journey of specialized 1:1 tutoring and guiding you every step of the way towards achieving your dream of attending medical school. 🩺 It’s pivotal to note that due to time constraints, advice will not be offered during the Consultation and only as part of 1:1 Tutoring at £30/hour.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours before the scheduled appointment

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