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Queen's University Belfast Interview Questions

About Queen's Belfast Medical School

Queen’s University Belfast is an incredibly student-centred university.

It uses an integrated approach to learning but leaning more towards the traditional side of the scale.

They ensure the best quality education and strongly believe in hands-on teaching like full body dissection, early patient contact and intense clinical exposure from the very first year.

They cover all the scientific foundation of the course over the first two years followed by the three clinical years.



MMI or Panel?


Interview format

What to expect on interview day?

Interview scoring system

Interview months

Prior information

Examiner review

What to expect after the interview?


Interview tips

  • It could be really useful to have some extended knowledge about Medicine or the NHS which you would be able to bring into relevant stations.

  • Specially look out for role play scenarios.

  • UCAT SJTs are a good place to start for ethical questions.

  • Read the question, think about all the different opinions and create a discussion in your head.

  • Go through the GMC's good medical Practice and review the main aims of the NHS constitution.

  • The examiners might pick up on personality traits, skills or work experience in your personal statement, so make sure you know what you included in it.

  • As with any interview, it is all about managing the interviewer’s perception of you and painting yourself in the best light possible. You will be given one minute outside the interview room to read the instructions and consider how you will approach the scenario. Ask yourself what competencies the scenario might be trying to test. If it is a problem you are faced with, ask yourself what steps you would take to solve the problem, your available options. Discuss these with the assessor so that they can appreciate your decision-making processes.


Example interview questions


  • How has the recent pandemic affected your motivation to study this course?

  • What makes you think you are an ideal candidate for studying medicine?

  • Why Queens University Belfast?

  • Why medicine?

  • Tell me what you learned from your work experience at...

  • Give the advantages of disadvantages of working in a group or individually. Which do you prefer? And why?

Medical ethics

  • If a patient has tested positive with HIV , and refuses to tell their partner. What would you do?

  • Your mother rings you and asks you to come round and help with a significant family decision. Her 70-year-old father has been diagnosed with a condition that will kill him sometime in the next five years. He can have a procedure that will correct the disease and not leave him with any long-term problems, but the procedure has a 10% mortality rate. He wants to have the procedure, but your mother is not in favour of it. How would you help mediate this issue?

  • You are a junior doctor and found out that a senior staff/doctor did something which you know is wrong and might harm the patients. What would you do?


  • Should the NHS provide services for IVF and other non essential treatments?

Current affairs

  • Have you heard about the Billy Caldwell case?