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UCAT Medical Schools

Where to Apply with a Low, Medium and High UCAT Score

It is important to apply strategically for medicine, and luckily you will receive your score before the application deadline. Different universities will use the UCAT in different ways, whether they have a cut-off score for interview, or how highly they are weighted compared to academic results.

Preliminary 2021 UCAT statistics

  • Mean total score = 2499

Cognitive subtest

2021 Mean Score

Verbal Reasoning


Quantitative Reasoning


Decision Making


Abstract Reasoning


The following results provides deciles of candidate total scores. Each decile represents 10% of candidates based on their overall test performance. The 1st decile represents a score at the 10th percentile; the 2nd decile represents a score at the 20th percentile, and so on.

Final Decile Rankings 2021





















Situational Judgement Test - Below shows the percentage of candidates placed in each Situational Judgement Test Band. 2021 (to 29th Sept). Number of candidates 37,230.

  • Band 1 14%

  • Band 2 36%

  • Band 3 33%

  • Band 4 16%

Low UCAT score medical schools

UCAT score less than 2600

If you have scored a UCAT score of less than 2600, it is vital to apply strategically to universities that place less of a weighting on UCAT scores to maximise your chance of being offered an interview. It is becoming more common to view the applicant as a whole and rather simply by their grades or scores, so if a UCAT has been a weaker area for you, there are still many options.

If you have struggled with the UCAT and received very poor scores, your application may have higher chances of success by applying to a university that does not require the UCAT.

  • Medical schools which use the BMAT include Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds, Hull York, Imperial, University College London, Lancaster, and Brighton and Sussex.

  • Medical schools that use alternative admission tests are Swansea, Dublin, and Queens Belfast.

  • University of Central Lancashire and Buckingham University does not require an admissions test.


UCAT score


Sunderland University

Average UCAT score = 2418

Applicants must score within the top 8 deciles to be considered for interview.

Liverpool University

Average UCAT score = 2471

The UCAT is weighted 25% and academics 75% in the application. The minimum score which was accepted for interview is 2019 was 2420.

Keele University

Average UCAT score = 2503 Threshold = 2280

Minimum score of 2280.

Aston University

Average UCAT score = 2529

No minimum score for interview

Plymouth University

Average UCAT score = 2584

A minimum score is set every year for interview. In 2020 this was 2390, and in 2021 was 1400. SJT is not used in consideration for interveiw

East Anglia University

Average UCAT score = 2590

No minimum score for interview

Medium UCAT Score medical schools

UCAT score 2600-2700

Well done on receiving a UCAT score between 2600 and 2700. This score puts you in god standing for your university applications. It is important to look at the specificities of each medical school as each will use this differently whether having a cut-off for interview or a higher average score. Below are a list of medical schools particularly advantageous if you have received a UCAT score in this category.


UCAT score


Anglia Ruskin University

Average UCAT score = 2616

No cut off score

Edge Hill University

Average UCAT score = 2627

A threshold is set each year, however they have not outlined how this will be done for 21/22 applicants.

Cardiff University

Average UCAT score = 2628

No minimum score for interview.

Exeter University

Average UCAT score = 2643 Threshold approx 2500

No minimum score for interview

St Georges University

Average UCAT score = 2632

A minimum score of 500 is required in each section of the UCAT. The total scores are then ranked to select applicants for interview. The minimum score selected for interview usually ranges between 2480-2710

Exeter University

Average UCAT score = 2643

No minimum score for interview, but the lowest score for interview tends to be around 2500.

Leicester University

Average UCAT score = 2656

Applicants are weighted 50% on academic results and 50% on UCAT results. Applicants in the bottom two deciles will automatically be excluded from interview. In 2021 this was scores below 2370

Dundee University

Average UCAT score = 2668

No minimum score for interview.

Aberdeen University

Average UCAT score = 2670 2021 threshold = 2460

There is no minimum cut off score for interview, but it usually is between 2300-2500.

St Andrews University

Average UCAT score = 2678 Threshold approx 2400

UCAT scores are ranked and the top 400 students are selected for interview.

High UCAT Score medical schools

UCAT score +2700

Congratulations - if you have managed to score over 2700 in your UCAT then you have achieved a particularly high score! This gives you plenty of flexibility, and means you are more likely to receive an interview at any of the universities discussed, however it is still important to apply strategically to make the most of your high performance, particularly if other areas of your application (e.g. academic grades) are lacking. Below are a number of universities that place a lot of emphasis on high UCAT scores.

It should be noted that the majority of medical schools stated that if a Band 4 was achieved in the SJT the applicant would automatically not be considered for interview.


UCAT Score


Nottingham University

Average UCAT Score = 2707

Verbal reasoning is given double the weighting to other sections.

Barts (Queen Mary) University

Average UCAT Score = 2714

Students who score in the 3rd decile and above are considered for interview.

Manchester University

Average UCAT Score = 2716 Threshold 2021 = 2640

The UCAT is assessed in 1 of 2 ways. 1. A cut-off is set and applicants that score above this are invited to interview. The cut-off varies by year, but is made to invite approx 900-1000 applicants to interview. 2. Applicants that do not meet the cut off will be assessed holistically, looking at all aspects of their application. This will usually lead to 500-600 applicants being invited to interview.

Kings College London

Average UCAT Score = 2753

No cut-off score is set.

Warwick University

Average UCAT Score = 2753

No official cut off marks. In previous years those who scored minimum 2570-2800 were invited to interview.

Birmingham University

Average UCAT Score = 2763

Cut off scores are used for interview, in 2019 this was 2550. The SJT is not used in the cut off.

Edinburgh University

Average UCAT Score = 2770

No minimum thresholds. SJT Band 4 are automatically rejected.

Bristol University

Average UCAT Score = 2784 2020 threshold = 2690

UCAT scores are ranked for interview and the cut off changes each year.

Sheffield University

Average UCAT Score = 2810 2021 threshold = 2740

Students with scores below 2420 automatically do not get an interview. Previous cut-offs for interview were 2660 and 2740.

Newcastle University

Average UCAT Score = 2909 2020 threshold = 2730

Students with a Band 4 SJT are automatically rejected for interview. There is a cut-off for interviews, and this changes every year.


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