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St. Andrews University Interview Questions

About St. Andrews Medical School

The University of St Andrews combines a students passion for learning with the skills of time-management and adaptability.

From day-one, students are expected to be in the dissection lab, for full body dissection gaining hands-on experience with principles that where previously taught in the lecture theatre.

Continual feedback from mentors, staff and tutors provided at the university provides an additional layer of accountability for medical students, indicating the level of support that the university provides.



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Interview format

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Interview months

Examiner review

What to expect after the interview?


Interview tips

  • Check the University of St Andrews website, as the university has a unique curriculum that differs from most other universities.

  • Additionally, spend time going over your personal statement, and get comfortable with answering questions about your situational judgement and work experience.

  • Keep upto date with a few current events within the medical field as this is another important area that may come up throughout the interview.

  • There are certain features of each medical school in the UK which help it stand out from the rest so think about the motivation to become part of St Andrews medical school.


Example interview questions


  • What motivated you to specifically apply to the University of St Andrews?

  • What does the daily routine of a doctor look like?

  • Did you see any particularly difficult scenarios of patient-doctor interactions during your time at...?

  • What are the benefits of working in a medical environment? How would you be well suited to this?

  • How would you cope with a high stress/demanding environment?

Work experience

  • What experience have you had that you believe will aid you into becoming a successful medical student?

Current affairs

  • What is an interesting thing that you have read recently in the news about advancements in medical research?


  • Can private filming of patients be justified if the hospital felt the patient was being abused?


  • Give an example of a time where you worked on a team, and how you believe that this translates into the medical field?

Problem solving

  • Give an example of a time that you had to face adversity. How did you overcome the problem at hand?

  • Reading a short article on a medically related topic (for example nicotine, vaccination, osteoporosis) and be asked questions, or explain to a patient about this medical topic.

  • Helping a person pack their holiday luggage


  • Breaking bad news to a patient or friend

  • Convincing a patient to take their prescription medicine to help their condition, when they are reluctant to do so – The key here is not to successfully persuade them to take their medication, but instead to explore why they do not wish to take their medication.