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The Positive Aspects of Medicine

Medicine has many benefits which would have attracted you to the vocation in the first place. Being able to articulate this to other people is an essential skill you must have to get through your medical school interviews.

We will discuss a range of positives about medicine which should make you reflect upon why you decided to study medicine. At the end of the article we have questions that we recommend you answer to check that you have the right motivation for medicine.



Prominent Positive Aspects

1. Emotional Satisfaction - Working in the NHS, and treating people, is one of the most emotionally rewarding opportunities

2. Applying science - The satisfaction of seeing your learning take action

3. Diversity in career - There are dozens of specialties, and sub-specialties, so working in medicine does not restrict you

4. Intellectual curiosity - Working to create new treatments can be extremely rewarding

5. Patient diversity - Medicine is a diverse career, and the patients are no different. You will meet people from all walks of life

6. Continuous learning - Some may not like the idea of this, but it ensures the job remains stimulating

Additional Benefits

1. Financial Security - Whilst people don’t do medicine for the money, it does become rather lucrative as you progress

2. Respected profession - Something made clear by the pandemic is how much society values doctors/HCPs, and this isn't going to change

3. Stable career - Another feature of the pandemic was mass unemployment, luckily not seen in medicine

Ask yourself:

Is it for Me? This is something you will hopefully have asked yourself, and you will almost definitely be asked it in one way or another during your interviews

Practice Question

What aspects of medicine appeal to you?
Why do you think medicine is a lifelong career?

TAM's Top Tips

  1. Have a think about why you want to do medicine, write it out, refine your answer

  2. Notice which aspects appeal to you on work experience

  3. In your interview, don’t just unload a prepared answer, practice saying it off the cuff


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