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University of Central Lancashire

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Central London

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University of Central Lancashire


You’ll meet the most diverse range of people given UCL is the largest global university in London and is home to a pretty extensive range of subjects. UCL is a pretty extracurricular-heavy university with a great emphasis on producing good all-round doctors, not just academically. So if you’re really into your extracurricular activities whether that’s the more traditional sport/music/arts or less traditional entrepreneurial/tech/side-project type stuff do consider UCL as the medical school are super supportive and encouraging towards it.

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Extracurricular activities and showing you are more than just another medical student is your best friend. The admissions team and medical school as a whole is a big fan of students who have character, personality, and life outside of academia and medical interests. So focus on being all-rounded, incredible grades aren’t at the top of the priority list at UCL, although you should probably have this area covered too.

BMAT scores are important but not incredibly important. For example, I did well in two sections but absolutely bottled one section of the BMAT (scoring below average in this one section), yet I was able to gain an interview. Focus on hitting the averages at best, but you’re greater priority should be on showing that you’re well rounded and are able to have a life above and beyond academics.

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