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Glasgow University

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Glasgow, Central Scotland

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+44 (0)141 330 6216

Glasgow University


Glasgow Medical School is one of the largest medical schools in the United Kingdom and it is part of the University of Glasgow (UofG), which is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world. Glasgow University is a major research-led university and its location provides multiple and varied opportunities for medical training. The university has nearly 30,000 students and various clubs and societies.

University Life

Glasgow medical school follows a spiral curriculum heavily taught through problem-based learning (PBL) and clinical based learning (CBL). During the first and second year, most of the curriculum is taught through PBLs and lectures which take place on the main campus, in the west end of Glasgow. Some General Practice and hospital placements also take place during those years. For the first semester of third year, CBL replaces PBL and regular lectures continue to take place. After the first semester of third, most teaching takes place in a clinical setting at the Greater Glasgow hospitals.

Social Life

The university has nearly 30,000 students and various clubs and societies for everyone's tastes. Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland and it is full of things to do and try, from restaurants, bars and clubs to international sports events. It also has a remarkable music scene with famous artists, as well as, up-and-coming local bands.


Interviews usually take place in December for home and EU applicants or between December and February for non-EU applicants. The interview is integrated, and it is around 30 minutes in total. Multiple candidates are interviewed within rooms, but each candidate is interviewed individually. The interview comprises of two panels lead by two interviewers each; one of the panels is similar to a traditional interview and the other based on a scenario, which can be read and selected from a choice of two, during the waiting time between panels.


The University of Glasgow takes into account your academic grades, your UCAT score and your personal statement when choosing who will be invited for interviews. It is, therefore, important to have a well-rounded application which meets all of the minimum requirements. If you meet the minimum academic requirements and have scored above the UCAT cut-off score for the year, you will most likely be invited for an interview. For 2019/2020 entry, the minimum UCAT score was 2600, however, this varies from year to year.

Michaela, 4th Year medical student, @michaela.pole

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