Aspiring Medic Programme

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, we have rapidly expanded our Aspiring Medic Programme. This is available for Year 11s, Year 12s and Year 13s.  

Places will be assigned on a rolling basis 

We believe that all students should have equal opportunities in the medical application process. We believe improving accessibility to higher education is the key to increasing social mobility. We believe your financial circumstances should never be a barrier to the opportunities available to you.

Applications are very competitive and places will be oversubscribed. Anybody can apply but we will prioritise students who meet specific widening participation criteria*:

  • No immediate family history of higher education (excluding siblings)

  • Currently in, or have been in, the care of a local authority

  • Care for someone at home with a long-term illness or disability (with Young Carer Registration)

  • Are in receipt or Disability Living Allowance and/or have an education, health and care plan (EHCP)

  • Are eligible for free school meals or a 16-19 college bursary

  • Are eligible for any other means-tested benefit (Universal Credit)

  • Likely to live in a low participation neighbourhood (POLAR4 data)

  • Likely to live in a deprived neighbourhood according to Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) data (Lowest 20%)

  • Is attending or has attended an underperforming state school (GCSE national average)

Those students who are successful in their application to the Aspiring Medic Programme will receive FREE mentoring from one of our medical students. You will receive tailored support for both the medical application process as well as your academia. This will come in the form of having weekly 1 hour sessions with a medical student.


That 1 hour session could be used to go through anything you didn't quite understand in classes to planning out revision to discussing medical ethics to analysing that week's current affairs to getting advice on how to get more work experience to going through your personal statement to having a mock interview. 

*If you do not fit the widening participation criteria, we also offer Tutoring Services which contains additional benefits such as choosing a time that suits you, choosing your mentor, having 24/7  phone/email support as well as a weekly progress checks (separate from the tutoring sessions). More information can be found here

Aspiring Medics Programme
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** Last updated 24th March 2020 **