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Schools Ambassador

We believe in inspiring the next generation of doctors. Students that have attended at least one of our seminars and/or published an article will be able to become Student Ambassadors in September of Year 13. You will be able to get FREE email/phone support from a medical student of your choice until you receive your offer. 

We will send you Powerpoint presentations that you can use to teach the new Year 12s on a weekly basis about applying to medicine. In becoming a schools ambassador, you will be able to create /maintain a self-sustaining cycle in which the Year 13s tutor the Year 12s on the medical application process. In doing so, you will be able to further improve your leadership and communication skills as well as your commitment to medicine. It'll look fantastic on your personal statement. 

How to register? 

​If you have attended at least one of our seminars and/or published an article, please complete the Application Form below. If successful, your school will be nominated and after approval from a teacher whether it be a Head of Year, Director of Sixth Form or Careers Advisor. We will then be in touch with the result - best of luck!

Schools Ambassador Application
Is there a Medic Society already set up at your school?

Thanks for submitting!

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