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UCAT Update - 2nd July 2020

📬UCAT Bookings Are Now Open


Registration and bookings for the UCAT tests are now open as well as the UCAT bursary schemes. If you want to take the UCAT at a PearsonVUE test centre, we would recommend booking as early as you can it is likely that test centres will have limited capacity. Set your alarms and reminders for the day before, UCAT will release more information in the following weeks and thus ensure that you wake up and are ready in good time before bookings open. You could always decide to reschedule a UCAT Test Date - being proactive will be key in these weeks-months to come. 

However, you can only take your UCAT once and you now have plenty of spare time on your hands. Don't decide to rush and do the UCAT as soon as you can if you're not ready. The benefit of doing it at home is that the format and environment that you do your practice papers and the real thing will be the exact same. 

🏠Opportunity to sit UCAT at home

Candidates will have the choice to sit the UCAT either at home or using Pearson VUE's online proctoring service (OnVUE) or at a Pearson Vue Test Centre (as in the past). The online UCAT taken at home will be (unimaginatively) called UCAT Online.   By using both options, they can ensure that all UK and international candidates have the opportunity to take the UCAT. 

🖥️ Test content will remain the same 

Although the delivery model may change, the UCAT test will stay exactly the same between a test at home and one taken in a test centre. 

🤖 Usage of AI & Live Monitoring to Safeguard

UCAT Online will use artificial intelligence combined with live monitoring to safeguard the security of the test. 

💭 Would you prefer to take the UCAT exam at home or at a test centre?

Some students may feel more relaxed and comfortable if they took the UCAT exam at home whilst others may prefer to take the exam at a test centre as it can make them feel more alert and exam-ready. 

🖥️ 2 to 4 weeks of moderate preparation with 2 weeks of intense revision is more than enough preparation

Given the circumstances, it is important to ensure that you do not peak too early and that you pace yourself so you stay motivated and sharp. Remember there is no magic formula to the UCAT preparation; it will depend upon your intensity and varies from person to person. The tricky thing is to balance UCAT preparation alongside all the other dimensions of your application and life! 

✔️ Reduced testing window

With booking opening in July rather than May, the actual testing window will now be between 3rd August and 1st October. As such, it is important to be proactive and be strategic. Remember that in usual circumstances, you find out your UCAT results on the day of your UCAT exam. The earlier you do your exam, the more time you have to adapt, choose the medical schools best tailored to your UCAT score and potentially tweak your personal statement. 

🔗Useful Links:

Importance of the UCAT


🛬The UCAT can only be taken once per admission cycle 

Your UCAT score is only valid for one application cycle, so applicants would have to resit the test if they have, for example taken a gap year. Although you will receive your scores as you leave the test centre, Universities receive your UCAT score directed through the UCAT office, and each use the data and scoring differently, which is outlined below. 

🌫️Average test scores vary year on year 

Average test scores vary year on year dependent on the cohort of candidates, so although you receive your scores on the day it is sometimes difficult to gauge which percentile they would fall into. It can be helpful to look at the percentiles for past years, which can be found on the UCAT website.

🏫Different universities have different UCAT weightings