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Queen's Belfast University


Plymouth medical school also known as the Peninsula Medical school is an engaging place to study.

University Life

From the outset, you will benefit from very early patient contact as the course is patient centred. Your learning will always be current and will follow the best practice, through the internationally renowned research which will feed into your learning. Additionally, there will be opportunities to take part in small expert led discussions, which revolve around medical cases and latest scientific studies, this is conducted in an EBL style (enquiry based learning).

Social Life

The University of Plymouth is situated in the wonderful coastal region of County Devon, where you are no more than 10 minutes’ walk away from the enticing panoramic views, hence Plymouth is also known as Britain’s ocean city. The medical school is a friendly community where there is good relations between the Peers, this is because of the interlinking Medoc family system. Thus, adding an emphasis of being part of one big Medical school Community.


The interviews are the deciding factor for you to get an offer from the medical school, they usually do not have role plays but they can have ethical based scenarios. The interview is conducted in a MMI format with no/not many rest stations. You are given a score out of 40 and the thresholds for receiving an offer is quite high. Hence, I recommend you practice a lot of different types of interview questions. Plymouth believe, they have a very fair holistic interview process hence they call in a lot of applicants for the interview, which normally happens between Dec-Feb.


Plymouth Medical school requires you too have taken the UCAT and will have a minimum threshold score each year. Before they invite you to their interviews, they will look at your GCSE grades/A level predictions alongside your UCAT. They don’t tend to focus as much on your personal statement, however, if you have a well-rounded PS it plays to your advantage. My personal advice would be to have a holistic personal statement which supports your reference as this will only strengthen your application.

Abhishek Subramaniam - Medical Student @abhi_subramaniam

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