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Hull York University

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Hull, Northeast England

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01904 321690

Hull York University


Hull York is a brilliant medical school where interactivity and being part of a community is at its heart, from beginning clinical placements in week 3 to the subtle things we learn during clinical skills like picking up on patient cues and practising bedside manners Hull York Medical School is truly an innovative and patient-centred medical school.

University Life

As Hull York is split between two campuses you really get to make the most of two universities. However, the campus itself is very modern with both Hull and York having newly renovated modern medical buildings with the most innovative teaching methods and fantastic resources.

Hull campus is much smaller than York’s but both have brilliant facilities to support student life with an array of societies and sports teams to get involved with. From the bars/pubs nearby the university to the students union bar and the club itself on campus, Hull really does not disappoint. The author attended Hull and so Hull is in more detail.

Social Life

With being on the gateway year I had a really packed timetable in comparison to my friends in first year. However, there is still more than enough time to go to the gym, join the medics netball team and go out and enjoy the clubs and bars that makes Hull such a sociable city. Gaining your work-life balance early is very useful in managing your time and stress, as medicine is such a heavy course that same work-life balance really helps you to enjoy your university life as any other non-medical student.


Hull York runs multiple mini interviews (MMI’s) including a group exercise which is similar to a general PBL session, a role play scenario and 2 mini interviews. Although it is medical school and it’s tough don’t take yourself too seriously as no one likes a robot as mentioned earlier HYMS really appreciates a personality so be yourself! Interviews run from November - January. (as of 2019)


Best advice would be to start preparing early, read into medical news to discuss throughout your interview, but also don’t worry too much on your UCAT score. Hull York really focuses on you as an individual rather than how you performed on one day, if you meet the baseline academics and perform well during the interview (unless you have an SJT score below 3) you will definitely be considered!

Aimee Tarpey @aimee_tarpey

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