Interview Crash Course


In order to receive an offer from any medical school, you will have to be interviewed. In an increasingly competitive application process, a great interview performance is essential in order to secure an offer. As medical students that have been through the process and have received multiple offers from medical schools, we understand what is required and how best to learn and apply knowledge. 

Our crash courses will be in groups no larger than 16 and will be led by two medical students, one of which will be from Oxford.  These interview crash courses are priced at £90. However, we recognise that students may prefer 1 to 1 tutoring which we offer for £30 per hour. More information about our tutoring services can be found here. 


Be coached by medical students who have each received multiple offers; each crash course have an Oxbridge medical student as well as a Russell Group medical student


You will receive a free workbook that containing up-to-date and cutting-edge knowledge and insight that you can apply in your interviews


We believe that the best way to learn the content as well as optimally prepare for the interviews is through application and practice


Each student will receive a public and private mock interview in the afternoon to allow them to apply their knowledge


  • A one day interview crash course from 10 AM to 5PM at Richard Hale School, Hertford, SG13 8EN 

  • Each class will have up to 16 students with 2 medical students

    • Each of the mentors have received multiple offers

    • The mentors will be Yusuf, an Oxford medical student, and Lauren, a Nottingham medical student

    • The course is priced at £90 per student ​

  • Each student will get a free copy of our workbook, a comprehensive guide to the knowledge and insight necessary to excel in interviews



Our crash course has been specifically crafted in order to ensure our students are best placed to learn, apply and practice their newfound knowledge and skills


Handbook Content

Communication Skills

Motivation & Suitability

Structuring Your Answers

Popular Questions

Medical Research

Personal Statement

Common Diseases

Weird Questions


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